Every horse has an individual body structure. The lenght of their back, the hight of their withers, the muscle development. That’s why it is important to use, together with an adapted saddle, an adapted close contact shock absorber as the SIAA half pad to protect against the invasive vibrations on the horses’ back. It will avoid common back pathologies and muscular pain.

Adriana NabucoEquine Vet

For many years, I have searched for a half-pad that is thin enough to fit my round horse, , while still providing shock absorbing properties. The Siaa pad fits well with my dressage saddle, as well as with my jumping saddle and it provides great comfort both for me and for my horse.

Lisa AlmesjoSweden Amateur Dressage Rider

I love this half-pad because it's easy to place on the back of the horse and under the saddle, you can feel that it fits very well . Finally, my saddles doesn't move anymore.

Melanie RailleFrance International Groom 5*

The Dressage Half-pad is discret and in the same time you immediately feel a difference wether in the comfort for you horse but also for the rider.

Julie DossinBelgium International Dressage Rider

Incredibly happy with our new half pads by SIAA. Now we received our custom-made pads and after a week we couldn’t do without them anymore the secret of these pads is that it is not only good for the back of your horse, but you clearly feel the difference for your own back as well.

Kirsty de WolfBelgium Professional Dressage Rider
  • extra foam support

    Adopt our Half-pad Supports for more versatility

    Why ? The body and musculature of the horse changes all his life.

    With those supports, it’s the perfect combinaison to follow his morphology with less trigger points on his back.

    In the same way, you will involve your riding position with less pain on your back.

  • saddle-pad-blue-greysaddle pad

    The Handmade Sakari Saddle Pad is designed to prevent any damage on the skin of the horse. Without sewing crossed lines on the back, the risks to get trigger points is less.


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