Our origins

Who We Are

Because, every rider wants to know how to reach the stars, SIAA® is inspired everyday from this sentence in Latin: Sic Itur Ad Astra.

At SIAA®, horses and riders come first : everything we do aims at making your passion beats while outperforming your competitions.​

Our origins

Coraline started SIAA® because she believes in innovative products for the health and well-being of you and your horse.
Human and equine physiotherapist,
she was dreaming of something more for the health of her horse, for her health ; something to fullfill our passion, something that would reflect who we are.


SIAA® ‘s using the best quality of medical material to ensure the effectiveness for every article as the Medical Viscoelastic Foam to increase the comfort of your horse validated by European Standards, a shock absorber elastomer which absorbs and dissipates up to 92% of the harmful vibrations caused by the impact on your horse and rider articulations to decrease the damage and to prevent some traumas.

Handle with respect

Because over1,000,000 species on the planet are facing extinction and global warming terrifying progress , SIAA® is making the pledge of carrying activities responsibly because we can all make an impact.