Since beginning of 2021, we work with Axedis to help people with social, mental or physical disabilities to get a job.
It’s important for us to support every social initative making the world a little bit better – to offer a chance to everybody.​

Every SIAA® Product is handmade thanks to Axedis, in Belgium.​

OHANA Children

During a beautiful exhibition in February 2021, SIAA and Christophe de Fierlant have been associated to create a unique vest “Born to Perform” to support the association OHANA Children.
SIAA® is proud to promote OHANA to make the dreams of children with sickness or disabilities, coming true.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife is one of the favorite association from the SIAA Founder, Coraline. Always close to the animals, we would like to offer the opportunities to our client to support different projects as the foster of orphans elephant (40€ / year to adopt one elephant = 10 SIAA® Grey Product sold ) or Anti-Poaching project..

For every Grey SIAA® product, you’ll donate 4€ to this foundation.


KickCancer finances clinical trials so that innovative drugs are tested in children in a safe and ethical environment and fundamental or translational research in order to improve our understanding of the origin and functioning of paediatric cancers, which will allow, in the long run, the development of new drugs for paediatric cancers.