Half-Pad Collection

Feel your horse and Prevent back pain

The half-pads by SIAA are made of the most efficient absorber, already used in Formula 1 and Running soles, to create a shell protecting horses and riders backs.
They follow the biomechanics of the horse while meeting your desired fitting options using a wide range of memory foams with different densities and different models made to fit to you and your horse !
Hand-made in Belgium

On the top – Aesthetic

Different Colors


Absorbing and then Dispersing the nocives vibrations due to the shockwaves

Made in Switzerland


For an optimal comfort for the horse and the rider.

Made in Italy


For a perfect breathing under.

Made in Germany


On the top – Aesthetic

Different Colors

Made in Holland

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On the top – Aesthetic

Different Colors

Made in France

Shock absorption thanks to our partner, Noene®

The 1mm layer of elastomer is a revolutionary material, which is capable of absorbing and then dispersing the shockwaves generated when we ride.

By using the SIAA® half-pad regularly, these pad will protect your back and horse back, avoiding possible lesions in the future.

This elastomer is used in Running and Hiking World since more than 15 years promoted by significant efficiency studies.


Sophisticated Built

Harmful vibrations absorber by Noene® to prevent and protect the back of the horse and the rider.
(cf.kissing spine, discal hernia, muscle and articulations fatigue,..)


Eco-designed and handmade in Belgium
with high quality products.

Better contact

Keep the fixity and contact to the rider with his horse

Better weight distribution

Large repartition of pressure spots to offer a better myofascial vascularisation and increase in Oxygen :  Less inflammation – Less trigger point – Less pain.


Respect the biomechanics of the horse and the position of a good saddle – free whither – free movement for spinal column and shoulders.


100% Washable and Cushion-made on demand.

  • 28,0038,00

    Adopt our Half-pad Supports for more versatility

    Why ? The body and musculature of the horse changes all his life.

    With those supports, it’s the perfect combinaison to follow his morphology with less trigger points on his back.

    In the same way, you will involve your riding position with less pain on your back.

    The foam supports are delivered in his cotton bag.

  • 314,00367,00

    Hand-made in Belgium, this pad offers more prevention, stability of the saddle and comfort for the horse and the rider.

    Indeed, our half-pad is made with one of the most efficient paramedical shock absorber performing already in F1, Running, Tennis..

    An other particularity, we use medical and opened cells memory foam to stay in contact with the horse and a grip sheet from the podiatry world to offer more fixation.

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    15  business days production

    *an half-pad will never change a non-adapted saddle.