• half-pad-bluehalf-pad-1

    At SIAA we believe in continuous innovation, we keep our ears wide opened to listen to the voice of our extended team; physiotherapists, osteopaths, vets and pro riders are making our products impactful.

    Delivery time is around 10 business days.

  • extra foam support

    Adopt our Half-pad Supports for more versatility

    Why ? The body and musculature of the horse changes all his life.

    With those supports, it’s the perfect combinaison to follow his morphology with less trigger points on his back.

    In the same way, you will involve your riding position with less pain on your back.

  • saddle-pad-blue-greysaddle pad

    The Handmade Sakari Saddle Pad is designed to prevent any damage on the skin of the horse. Without sewing crossed lines on the back, the risks to get trigger points is less.

  • SIAA horse blanket

    Fast Drying, Breathable and anti-UV50+

    Stables and Transport situation.