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    Hand-made in Belgium, this pad offers more prevention, stability of the saddle and comfort for the horse and the rider.

    Indeed, our half-pad is made with one of the most efficient paramedical shock absorber performing already in F1, Running, Tennis..

    An other particularity, we use medical and opened cells memory foam to stay in contact with the horse and a grip sheet from the podiatry world to offer more fixation.

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    15  business days production

    *an half-pad will never change a non-adapted saddle.

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    Adopt our Half-pad Supports for more versatility

    Why ? The body and musculature of the horse changes all his life.

    With those supports, it’s the perfect combinaison to follow his morphology with less trigger points on his back.

    In the same way, you will involve your riding position with less pain on your back.

    The foam supports are delivered in his cotton bag.