Half-pad Add-on : 100% flexible


Adopt our Half-pad Supports for more versatility

Why ? The body and musculature of the horse changes all his life.

With those supports, it’s the perfect combinaison to follow his morphology with less trigger points on his back.

In the same way, you will involve your riding position with less pain on your back.

The foam supports are delivered in his cotton bag.

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Grey Paramedical Memory foam 1cm Thickness : same density than the base – Good to change a 1cm into a 2cm Half-Pad by SIAA.

Used by pair (Front or Back), this support balances your saddle and your riding position.

Pink Paramedical Memory Foam 1cm Thickness : Less density – Good to help horse with sensibilities on their low-back with the “Back Support” – No changement of the saddle position.

Available for the 1cm and 2cm Half-pad by SIAA – 100% washable – Easy to place.

Sold by Pair : Body or Front or Back

*the support combined with an half-pad doesn’t change a “bad saddle” not adapted for the horse and the rider.

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Pink, Grey


Body, Back


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Half-pad Add-on : 100% flexible

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